Letter to the Editor

Dear Charles,

Have you heard that there are churches in the United States that are baptizing people today? I know that the report seems ridiculous on the surface but this is being reported anyway. Since I heard this, an investigation was called for. A serious one. I attended one of the satellites of the Crossroads movement. I already know the truth because a whole bunch of the "biggies" had let me in on the error they espoused, but Charles, half of the truth has not been told...let me tell you my half.

The brethren must be alerted to these people before they get out of hand. So if you will lend me your paper and the brethren will lend me their eyes, maybe we can put an end to this work of the Devil quickly. Let us get the meat of this objective report.

Charles, as soon as I drove into the parking lot I realized the "biggies" were right. One of the first cars I saw had an old "Mondale and Ferraro" sticker. Then I thought that probably it had been purchased used with the bumper sticker already on the car. You know that all us sound brethren are conservative Republicans. And God Himself put Reagan in the White House.

I walked in the door and before a word was spoken I could see the insidious evil that was in that place. The people were smiling and happy. Now I don't mean what Ben Bogard, the famous Baptist debator, always called the "Church of Christ grin." I mean a real pure joy. It was right on the faces of everyone of them. They were in a trance and did not understand that we CHURCH OF CHRISTERS are not supposed to look that way. Charles, they hugged one another and professed to love each other. I was taken back.

We were seated after several hundred of them came by to welcome Sister Serious and me. I asked why the other half of the group did not come over and be as friendly? Could you imagine my astonishment when they told me that they were visitors also! Nothing could be Scriptural when half of the group had not been immersed. Things were going from bad to worse.

Then a man stood up and said "lets sing." Charles, they did. Sister Serious cried. Well, that did it for me. Anything that emotional was something that demanded my attention and talents. I promised God right then and there to let the brethren know. I am thinking of writing a book, Charles, I will call it "That the Brethren May Know." It will be a best seller.

When it came time for the preaching I was antsy. But I settled into my chair to be comfortable and listen to a discourse on the Great Commission. The emphasis was on the GO INTO ALL THE WORLD instead of PREACH THE GOSPEL. But I knew that once the preacher got into the lesson that things would be all right. I already knew the truth on this subject and was positive that the preacher would know it also. Boy, was I wrong. He never once mentioned that the going was by boat, train, airplane, or air conditioned automobile. Can you believe that? All he kept talking about was going via knocking on doors, passing out tracts, telling our friends, preaching on the subways, in taxi cabs, etc. It wore me out! I waited and waited on him to get scriptural and tell me to get on an airplane but he never did. Charles, I decided to pray for him or perhaps get him a copy of Brother Woods' sermons. That preacher needs our help.

Now about this mind control bit...I know that must be on your mind. It sure was on mine. I waited to find out about this. I knew it was coming. A sect cannot get by without some of this. It was not long in coming. The preacher said that all of us had to follow Christ. Charles, the reaction was immediate. There were a bunch of "Amens." The preacher assured them that Christ was both a SAVIOR and a LORD...this drew a bunch more "Amens." Then he told all of us to get serious on this point and, brother, the place erupted!! The "Amens" were all over the place. I immediately looked on the countenance of those closest to me and everyone of them was sober. The Devil had them for sure. They were all as happy as if they had good sense..and, Charles, they were getting under my skin. (Now you know how hard that is...)

It came time for the invitation and I felt better. This preacher gave them to understand that the Bible taught faith, repentance, confession, and baptism. I felt better and comfortable. But then the invitation song started and things began to happen. People marched down the aisle. I mean a whole bunch of them. Some to be baptized, some to confess sins, and some to tell what God had done for them. Charles, I would not have believed it unless I saw it with my own eyes. This was the longest invitation I had ever experienced. You would get the idea that they thought it was Christ's invitation and it was never going to end until the last trump...I restrained Sister Serious, she was teary eyed again. She was probably thinking of the grandchildren.

You know Charles, that is not a bad idea. If someone, somewhere, somehow does not do something our grandchildren can only be taught by "another people" whom God will raise up for His glory. Charles, if you and I don't do it, THIS PEOPLE say they are going to. I believe them.

Sign me,

Samuel O. Serious