Our Present Dilemma

Someone told a group that he was a "member of the Church of Christ." Immediately he was asked, "Which Church of Christ?" The man was speechless. What would you say to that question? In our great "Church of Christ," there are several different kinds of Church of Christ churches. Even in the same city they will have nothing to do with one another. But each one claims to be "the one true, sound, faithful, loyal C of C; the very one you read about in the N T, fully restored according to the pattern explicitly set forth in the N T as an exact reproduction of the Church institution we read about there." Did you get all that? Yet they differ with one another and repudiate each other. Can you imagine anyone seriously making such a ridiculous claim in the light of what we have today? Which one do you suppose the man had in mind? To which Church of Christ do you belong?

That reminds me of the time when someone asked a member of a Church of Christ if he was a member of the United Church of Christ Church. He said, "No, I'm a member of the Divided Church of Christ Church." He gave an honest answer. Isn't that a shameful situation?

The Churches of Christ (or, as some insist, churches of Christ; the small "c" makes it a scriptural name, you must understand, because our preachers say so!) with their plea for unity and the claim to be the one and only "Lord's Church," present a ridiculous spectacle to the world. It is a horrible reflection upon all of us and is sinful. The Church of Christ Church, of all segments, is but another full-fledged denomination. It is time we recognize the facts that others can easily see. Let's get honest about it.

Remember, we can indeed make our unity in Christ work as individuals; but it will never work with institutional church organizations and their operations. They separate; they are no part of our individual in-Christ relationship. --W.W. Wow.