September, 1986 "Examine everything carefully; hold fast that which is good." Vol. 1, No. 5


Terry Gardner


Charles Holt

Editorial - Unity in Diversity

Response To The Examiner

Heresy Trial in Orlando, Florida


Personal Inventory for Christians

The Last Word

Edward Fudge

Jesus Liberates Women

Don Woodward

The Power of Man

Ryan Ross

RENAISSANCE: A Young "Layman's" View

Restoration Review

Crisis in Church of Christ Polity

Olan Hicks

How Many Parties in a Marriage?

A Servant

The Bodies of Christ

I. M. Seakin

Bugtussel Report

Gaylon Embrey

The Family -- An Institution???

Dean Spurlock

Kingdom Principles: A Study in Concepts

A. Christian

The Clergy System

Samuel O. Serious

Writing to the Editor:

W. W. Wow

Our Church of Christ Employment Agency


An Interesting Letter

Dusty Owens

Those Tantalizing Traditions


What a Fool Said


Only When I Laugh