It continues to be very encouraging, even phenomenal! We are overwhelmed by it. We have struck a very responsive acceptance with saints all over the country. It has exceeded our fondest expectations. We are grateful. The request cards continue to pour in on a daily basis. With only three issues we moved to over 8000.

One important thing that is so encouraging is that the majority of those returning their cards have also sent additional names, from one to more than 500. In June we received requests to send the paper to over 1400 people! Some have sent church directories of the saints where they attend, marked to indicate those to whom they thought the paper should go. These disciples are concerned that others have the opportunity to receive The Examiner if they want it.

So if you receive this journal you can know that some concerned brother or sister in the Lord has requested it for you. Welcome. We hope you will decide to join our increasing number of readers.

We have no desire to send this paper to anyone who does not want it. This is the reason for our "qualifying process." You make the decision as to whether you are to receive it or not. Two issues will be sent as a "trial period." There is a request card in each paper. If you would like the paper to continue, with no obligation to you whatever, then you must notify us with the card. If you do not notify us, your name will automatically be dropped after the second issue.

Your request to continue the paper does not mean that you agree with everything published herein. It only means that you are concerned with God's truth and willing to examine everything carefully in the light of His word even teaching that you may disagree with. Christians should not be people with closed minds (prejudice), who have already learned all they will ever know and are not interested in spiritual growth.

Insecure people are fearful of and antagonistic toward any and everything that is contrary to what they think they believe. They refuse to even consider anything that questions or opposes their cherished views. This was true in the day of the Lord and it is true today. John tells us that Jesus came to his own people and they received Him not (John 1:11-12). They rejected Him and ultimately crucified Him. This same attitude has more or less been true of God's people in every age. Recall how they persecuted and rejected the prophets God sent to them (Acts 7:51-53; Matt. 23:29-36)? It is true, in large measure, of God's people today. His ways and will do not appeal to many. "My people do not know, my people do not consider," so God told the ancient prophets. Sadly, this is all too often true today.

It is our hope and prayer that you will find The Examiner stimulating, challenging, provoking, informative, and of value as you consider what is presented herein in the light of God's word (Acts 17:11). -- CAH