Our Church of Christ
Employment Agency

The above is another indication of (1)the fact that "the local church" is an organization that is in business and hires and fires employees like any other institution. (2) It also shows that "Ministers" are for hire as employees of our AT&T-type corporation called "the local church;" or by a formal name like Bellview Church of Christ, for example.

Ministers are for hire and many so advertise the fact openly or by just passing the word around that they are "looking for a change," ready for a change of employment "ready to make a move" to a more "fertile" (lucrative?) field. Some seem to move about every two or three years. Just think what problems these preacher "turnovers" create, as well as the tremendous moving expense.

When the church organization (the Eldership, which is the "organization") wants a change in their "pulpit Minister," the Eldership calls in the current occupant and tells him that they want to "make a change" or that they are "letting him go," with perhaps a two months advance notice. This way he has two months to hunt for another job. See how it all works? Sometimes the pulpit minister decides he wants to find better employment, usually called "a greater opportunity," which means (usually) he will get a better salary and fringe benefits.

So in all segments of the Church of Christ we nearly always have preachers looking for that "better place" of employment. Also, there are always churches with an empty pulpit which needs to be filled that want a "Pulpit Minister" or one of the other professional types like the Associate Minister, Youth Minister, Minister of Discipleship, Minister of Outreach, and on and on the various employee specialties multiply. You rarely ever hear anymore of any church wanting a "gospel preacher." The day of the "gospel preacher" is gone, replaced by the highly trained ecclesiastical (church) professional employee called the "pulpit minister" or some other denominational title.

In view of all this, these professional ministers, hired employees of the structured local church organization, have the audacity to claim that they are not a part of a clergy system! Some are beginning to acknowledge this reality. Why not openly and honestly admit the obvious. -- W.W. Wow