From a preacher in a Midwestern State: "Greetings. Sir, we have never met, and we may never meet this side of Heaven. Your published paper somehow found its way to me this morning. Truly I spent close to two hours combing through it -- and pondering over its contents -- all the time shaking my head in total and utter disbelief at what I was reading. At one point I came close to pinching myself to see if what I was comprehending was real. I am extremely troubled, terribly grieved, and deeply hurt that people like you are allowed to walk the streets due to your brazen, insensitive, havado, (and in some cases) blasphemous statements upon God's book. And if stoning was advocated in this country I believe I would direct it towards you, and your printing presses and those of your fellow associates. But believe it or not Brother Holt, I do wish to be added to your mailing list as your paper has 'provoked' me as few have in recent years. I 'DON'T' agree with all you have suggested, leveled, contended, argued, and suggested towards the Lord's church and its elders. But I am curious as to what else you might be printing. You may be receiving more letters from me in the future so I hope you do like to write, and on occasions long letters." (Emphasis mine, CAH) (Editor's Note: The above is only part of his letter. I like this man and appreciate his spirit. He is open and speaks his mind. His honesty is apparent. He reminds me of Saul of Tarsus. It will be interesting to see how what he has read will affect him; just how he will deal with it and what his response will be. (cf. John 7:17; Matt. 13:9-16, Acts 17:11). I hope to hear from him again.)

"I just received my first issue of The Examiner, Praise God !!! It is long overdue. Keep up the wonderful work. Will send more later. -- Louisiana.

"I appreciate receiving The Examiner . I am enjoying it very much. It is thought-provoking and extremely needed in this day and time. May God bless you in this effort." -- Texas.