Writing under the above subject, one editor/brother offers some good observations needed by all Christians regardless of the subject being considered. Please read:

"We dare not assume that our past practices on the subject are 100% correct, and therefore anyone who puts forth something we have not thought about is, therefore; a false teacher and doesn't believe in 'church discipline!' Those who are the most vociferous in their disagreement with what I have said would be surprised at how close together we are when we 'call Bible things by Bible names!' It is a subject that needs a good deal of study, and better understanding. But it is difficult to give it that when brethren feel that a different idea has got to be wrong, and he who broaches it must be less than honest. I pray for the day when such a study can be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual love and respect, with a sincere desire to discover the truth rather than scramble a brother's writings and try to make him look stupid, dumb or naive." -- Torch, October 1985.

That any man is to be paid for preaching, i.e., for making sermons and pronouncing them; or that any man is to be hired for a stipulated sum to preach and pray, and expound scripture, by the day, month, or year, I believe to be a relic of popery." -- Alexander Campbell.

I can testify' from my own observation that a good eldership will lose its efficiency, and its members become both unable and unwilling to do the work of elders, in a very few years after the employment of a pastor. And if under the pastor system a good eldership has ever developed, I have never seen or heard of the case. I don't believe that has or ever will be done."-- James A. Harding (for whom Harding College was named), Gospel Advocate, May 20, 1885.

"But we are equally indebted to responsible thinkers who dare to challenge tradition. They are the pioneers who explore new areas of truth, clarify concepts, enlarge visions, and enrich our store of knowledge by breaking the paralyzing grip of blind, uncritical enslavement to tradition. But for such men, no progress would be made toward a fuller comprehension of the truth." -- William W. Adams (from Introduction, "Life in the Son.")