Last Word


The May paper was not mailed until the second week in June! We regret the delay. There were several factors involved in the delay, but it was mainly because we have moved the press work to a large company in another state. This will save us a lot of money and that is an important item. In addition. the increasingly larger number to whom The Examiner goes takes longer and longer to address and prepare for mailing. It is likely, that this issue, will be late also, but we will get the paper on the right schedule. Bear with us.

"The church is made up of individuals (not congregations, incidentally}, and individuals will differ with each other. Congregations of the church are of human origin. They are voluntary associations of people who have much in common, but not everything. Membership in a congregation does not constitute membership in the church of Christ, or vice-versa. The Ethiopean Eunuch was in Christ when he went on his way rejoicing, but it would be extremely difficult for those of us who think we are the only Christians to identify him with any church of Christ congregation.

"Individuals come to faith individually. They obey the gospel individually. They become members of the body of Christ individually. And they become members of a local congregation individually. They may or may not choose to join themselves to the disciples at any given location. The plan of salvation does not include an extra step, and membership in a local congregation is not a condition of pardon. In more instances than most of us would admit, only 'the Lord knoweth them that are His'."

-- Reuel Lemmons, Editor, Image, December 1, 1985

"If I declare with loudest voice and clearest exposition every portion of God's Truth except for that one little bit which the world and the devil are at the moment attacking, I am not confessing Christ no matter how boldly I may be professing Christ. For the soldier to be steady on all the battlefield besides is mere flight and disgrace if he flinches at that single point."

-- Martin Luther


1. The woman whose modesty adorns herself.

2. The woman who clothes herself in good works.

3. The woman who does not garb herself with tattling and gossip.

4. The woman who refuses to wear the garment of idleness.

5. The woman whose warmth is generated by an inner love for others.

6. The woman who dresses that she may not be a stumbling block to younger women, or men of any age.

7. The woman whose feet are shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace.

8. The woman who sparkles, not with jewelry, hut with her love for her family.

9. The woman who drapes herself with chasteness and fidelity.

10. The woman whose best suit is her love for Christ and His church.

"...let it not be that outward adorning of plaiting the hair, and of wearing of gold, or of putting on the apparel;" (1 Peter 3:3).

-- White Oak Newsletter

"When He was on the cross His mind was on me!"

PERSONAL NOTE: In the last three months I have been swamped with letters that deserve a reply, but I have been unable to do so. I apologize. Thanks for your encouraging words and your help in sending in additional names to whom the paper can be sent. Also, we are grateful for the financial gifts received. Please continue to send names and complete addresses of any and all Christians to whom we can send The Examiner for a two issue "trial period" to let them determine if they would like to receive it regularly. We want only "qualified" readers, meaning only those who want to receive it and send in the enclosed request card asking that it continue. All who do not return the request card will be automatically dropped from the mailing list after the second issue. Give your friends and fellow Christians an opportunity to decide for themselves if they would like to receive this paper.

"Silence isn't always golden. Sometimes it is just plain yellow."