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Personal Letters

"Recently we came in contact with your publication The Examiner. We are so impressed with these articles. They are exactly as we have been teaching for years. God bless you in your efforts. Please begin sending the publication to the following." -- Michigan

Thank you -- this is a very thought provoking paper. We have become a second-class denomination and don't even realize it. Instead of comparing ourselves to God's ruler, the Word, we compare ourselves to other denominations and churches and come up looking pretty good in our own eyes. We forget to ask what God thinks of us. With all the accepted traditions that have evolved in the last 100 years, we need to picture God on His throne speaking to Israel of old through the prophet Malachi in chapter I verse 10..."I am not pleased with you..." We attend "church," we eat the Lord's Supper, but our neighbors are lost, members are straying from the safety of the fold and no one helps save the lost or build up the weak.

Keep up the good fight. Make us think about the stewards we are, of the gifts God has given us. Spur us to be like the brethren at Berea in Acts 17:11, "examining the scriptures daily, to see whether these things were so." -- Ocala, FL

(This sister in Christ lays it out for us just like it is. The challenge is ours. Will we arise to the occasion like faithful stewards should? We are trying and need your help. -- Editor)

"I just read your first edition of The Examiner , with great interest and enjoyment. Please add my name to your publication receiving list. It is refreshing to see the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ discussed in such an open minded and intelligent manner." -- Glendale, AZ

"We are sending a small contribution in hopes it will help. We'll endeavor to send more later. Please send the publication to...Thanks and God's speed in spreading the Word." -- Nevada

"I was happy to know that you had decided to edit a new paper. The Examiner... looks very good...the content is...neither new nor easily or readily accepted by most 'church members.' Most people, as you know, feel comfortable belonging to a church rather than a Person. The church (i.e. elders) only demand attendance, a contribution, and some semblance of church loyalty; however; Jesus says, 'Deny self, and take up your cross and follow me;' 'put off the old man and put on the new!' To be a church member is easier and less demanding than simply being a Christian, but the rewards for serving the Lord, both now and in the future, are far greater." -- Dean Spurlock, Phoeniz, AZ

"Please remove my name from your mailing list. I am very disappointed in this journal after going over the first two issues. "-- Milledgeville, GA (Editor's Note: This is only the third request of this kind that has been received. Of course, we honor such requests and have no desire to send The Examiner to anyone who does not want it.)

"Please send me the free copies of your literature on The Elders. I read some of the articles but want to have one for my own. I agree in part with some of the writings, but need to explore more thoroughly." -- N. Fort Myers, FL.