Last Word



The second printing of number 1 is all gone! Another printing is not planned. We do have on hand about 50 copies that have been returned due to incorrect addresses. Some of these are damaged slightly. If you want one of these it will cost 73 cents to send it.

The first and second printing of number two are both exhausted.

Requests come daily to send The Examiner to others. Yesterday I received a list of 63 from one person. An elder of one church sent the church directory! Can you believe that? This is one elder (thank God!) who respects his flock and considers them able to study and think for themselves. He is not afraid for them to be exposed to the teachings offered herein. May his tribe increase. He is a rare exception!

Reports come from many places that people are reading, studying, and talking about The Examiner and the studies of God's word offered herein. They are excited, encouraged, and expressing themselves. They are thankful that some real effort is being made to awaken and arouse the saints to the naked truth about our condition as the Church of Christ. It should be noted here -- and remembered by the reader -- that The Examiner is by no means the only such endeavor along these lines. There are others and we thank God for them all!

The Work of The Church

There are big plans to make, and groups that meet. Things to promote, and meals to eat. Books to buy, and rallies to cheer. Projects to fly, and tapes to hear. Bulletins to read, and papers to shuffle.

Big shots to heed, or their feathers get ruffles. There are hands that need shaking, and buildings to plan.

Lots that need raking, and products to ban. ERA's coming, and Crossroads is here.

The brotherhood's humming, and the workshop is near.

Where you will be told by the great and the small, How to build up a church with no trouble at all. Busses are out, singles are in.

Haven't you heard? Man, where have you been? A luncheon for preachers, and a weekend retreat. Banquets for teachers, and a film's hard to beat. Our building's the best, our parking lot's curbed. AND THE BAPTISTRY WATERS ARE NEVER DISTURBED.

Editor's Note: The above was sent to me by a Christian who got it from some source not identified. The unknown author surely has hit the target with this clever verse. It describes the way it is in the modern Church of Christ Church,