The Last Word

A Much Needed Prayer

The ancient Hebrews had a prayer that would be fitting for us today:

From the Cowardice that shrinks from new truth,
From the Laziness that is content with half-truths,
From the Arrogance that thinks it knows all truth,
Oh, God of Truth, deliver us.



In a recent issue of "The Gospel Anchor" a Jack Holt had a report of the "Smith-Holt Debate." Some have drawn an erroneous conclusion about that Jack Holt. That Jack Holt is NOT the Jack L. Holt, who is my brother in the flesh and in the Lord, and the preacher associated with the saints in Sinton, Texas. There is a distance of 30 miles between them (the other one lives at Corpus Christi), and a distance of several years in age and experience. This mistaken identity is common and often a source of problems.

For example, some innocent (I hope), but careless (about their facts) people have attributed the report of the debate, referred to above, to my brother. Two preachers asked me, in a somewhat state of amazement, "Have you seen what your brother, Jack, wrote about you and the debate?" One brother in Missouri wrote rejoicing that "your own brother disagrees with you and has written you up."

So let me clarify the record. The writer of the debate report is NOT the well-known, highly-respected, able preacher, Jack L. Holt, my brother in the flesh! --CAH

"For my people are foolish, they know me not; they are stupid children, and they have no understanding. They are shrewd to do evil, but to do good they do not know" (Jeremiah 4:22). Is this our condition today?