Response to

The Examiner

It has been very, very encouraging, even phenomenal! We are overwhelmed! We have struck a very responsive chord with many saints over the country. The positive response has far exceeded our fondest expectations. We are grateful.

The Examiner went into the mail on Monday, January 6, and before that weekend the request cards were pouring in to continue the paper. This has continued daily. We have received many encouraging words of appreciation for the paper from "the people in the pews." Somewhat surprising has been the number of preachers who have expressed their appreciation for the paper, saying that such is badly needed.

One important thing that is so encouraging is that probably 75% of those returning their cards have sent additional names; from one to six on the card itself! Others have sent a list of names ranging from 8-500. Some have sent church directories of the saints where they attend, marked to indicate those to whom they thought the paper should go. These disciples are concerned that others share with them the opportunity to receive The Examiner if they want it. So if you receive this journal you can know that some brother or sister in the Lord requested it for you. Welcome.

The overwhelming requests has forced us to have another large printing of the first issue! Almost everyone requested that the first issue be sent to those whose names were submitted. In the first printing we printed far more than we thought would be needed for the first mailing, but it was used up in a hurry. We had to send out a second mailing. If the requests continue to come in as they have been, it may be necessary to do a third printing and mailing! We hope that is the case.

But as you can readily see, this overwhelming response has really taken a toll on our financial situation! The cost has been heavy. We must have a lot of financial help if we are to continue.

Another very encouraging and vital response is the financial help sent. Several have anticipated the financial need and sent a contribution, ranging from $15 to one $500! We are grateful to God and to each one who has helped in this way. Some took advantage of the Special Offer (see it elsewhere in this issue). We are grateful for your confidence and help, financial and otherwise. Remember that all contributions are tax deductible! Please continue to help us. The task has grown so great that we cannot bear it alone. We have no patron saint or wealthy benefactor who is putting up the money, nor even any substantial part, to financially underwrite this publication. It is just a number of saints who do what they can and share the load.

A publication of this size and quality is expensive. We want it to be attractive in looks as well as appealing and informative in its message. It will take a large number of Christians helping on a regular basis if this work is to continue. With the rapidly increasing number of readers the list has gone up faster and more than we dared expect. But, we press on. Our faith in increased and our hopes abound that we will accomplish our goals and reach thousands of Christians with these vital, desperately needed studies of God's word and our own condition before God.

We trust the Lord to provide the help, financial and otherwise, needed to do what should be done. May we count on you? -- CAH