"Is Baptism Essential To Salvation?"'

By Charles A. Holt

Guy N. Woods: "An exceptionally good treatment of this vital New Testament theme. We recommend this book for a three month's class study. It sets out in easily understood fashion matters every member of the church ought to know."

--"Gospel Advocate"

Bob Buchanon: "This book was not written for the scholar or the religious professional. It was written for the common man or woman on the street or in your neighborhood.

"Holt's purpose is to set forth what God has spoken on the subject of baptism and try to show the difference between truth and error relative to this issue. I believe this book gets right to the Scripture and right to the heart of the issue.

"The first section of the book deals with the work of John the immerser, Jesus' emphasis on the baptism of John, and a summary of John's baptism. The second section is a look at the baptism authorized by Jesus. The third section is a book of Acts and examples of conversion. Section four deals with baptism in the epistles.

"This little book would be an excellent study for a church to use in a class or for one to give to a friend searching for truth. It is short, simple, and to the point. It is not clouded with all the arguments and Greek words that often confuse people."

--"The Book Shelf' Bowling Green, Kentucky

Here is a book on this vital subject that you should study. It is one you can give to a friend or relative. Give a copy to your children and study it with them. Use it for a class study or a group study in your home.

It is a paperback of 92 pages.

Cost: $2.95 plus $.69 for postage.