Charles A. Holt, Editor

The above is a non-profit organization, chartered under the laws of the State of Tennessee and has received nonprofit status approval from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). This means that all monetary contributions are fully tax-deductible, the same as if dropped into the plate or basket at what is called "the worship service of the church." You are entitled under the law to claim and exercise this prerogative - tax deduction for your contributions. And we do need and desire your help.

One important point should be made here: The tax deduction provision is the one and only reason for the formation of this non-profit organization. It is not needed for any other reason. It has all the legal requirements necessary for its existence and State and IRS approval. We have a Board of Directors -- four men and two women (would you believe that -- women?). One is a CPA who will be responsible for auditing all records and verifying the use of all resources. However, there is nothing that any one of them does or will do as a member of the Board that he/she would/could not do without the non-profit organization. The point is that the non-profit organization is for one purpose only, to provide a legal way for financial contributors to receive IRS approval for their contribution as tax-deductible.

In addition to those who compose the Board of Directors, who live in various parts of the country, there are other deeply concerned, faithful, generous men and women who support this work financially, with their advice, writings, and in other ways.

But the number and abilities of these committed supporters are far from adequate to underwrite financially, at least, this publication, other publications planned, and the additional works underway and planned. Hence, we solicit your help. YOU are invited to join the increasing number who see the possibility for untold value to Christians over the world that this journal can have. In other places in this paper you will learn more about this work, the kind of teaching to be done (and this is NOT a limited area, but will cover all phases of teaching for the Christian in today's world; but with special focus on some matters that we believe are most needed), and other efforts. I hope to soon arrange a schedule of travel to meet with Christians in various parts of the country for teaching and preaching endeavors, and for special studies of troublesome Bible subjects, such as "the church," "the eldership," individual responsibility, worship, the undenominational character of God's people, and other vital topics. If you are interested in such an effort, please let me hear from you.

It is our hope and prayer that many of YOU -- "THE PEOPLE IN THE PEW" -- will join us in this work with your prayers, financial support, promotion of the teaching, preaching and special studies work, and in helping get this paper into the hands of all Christians everywhere. You can start by sending in the names and addresses of other Christians who might like to receive "THE EXAMINER."  Do it today!