What It Means To Be Just a Christian


(1) It means sincerely seeking to follow Christ, and Him only, as the authoritative ideal of my life.

(2) That my allegiance belongs to Him and His Word, and that I am not enslaved to human dictates, judgments or traditions.

(3) I am to carefully examine His will, interpret it to the best of my ability, and apply it to my personal life without interferences from others.

(4) That I am at liberty to form my own judgments in matters not distinctly revealed in the Word, that in this I am solely answerable to the Lord, and that the conclusions of others are not binding upon me.

(5) That as a Christian only I am not under obligation to subscribe to organized programs traditionally established by a church by which "faithfulness" is at times judged. My devotion is to the Lord, and not to church programs.

(6) ! am free from the narrow judgmental restraints of those who would compel me to conform to their interpretations, perceptions and views of the Scripture.

(7) That I am not required to submit to the bondage of human judgment, but that ! am free under Christ to follow him to the fullest of my own understanding and ability. (Gal. 5:1)

(8) That inasmuch as logical deduction is a human process, I am under no obligation to accept the conclusions of others regarding the will of the Lord. I am free to arrive at my own deductions, however imperfect they may be, in my sincere effort to please the Lord.

--Waymon D. Miller, Tulsa, Oklahoma