Introduction: The Examiner

This is the first issue of The Examiner, a new religious journal designed primarily for Christians. It is not planned for any particular segment of Christians, but is intended for one and all who are interested. It is not designed to be in competition with or in opposition to any other publication. Hopefully, it will have its own unique place. It is nothing more than a teaching medium. Through this means we want to offer some studies that will inform, awaken, arouse, encourage, strengthen, and draw us closer to God and one another. In this way it is our intention to "preach the word, reprove, rebuke, and exhort," (II Tim. 4:1-2). This means that there will be some controversial subjects discussed. But the paper is not started primarily to engage in controversy. We expect to address a wide range of subjects.

The Examiner is scheduled for a five-year life-span, if the Lord so wills. Without a lot of additional financial support it will not make that time frame. If it should last that long, it will then cease. If, at that time, it is decided that such a medium of communication is still needed, another paper can be started. The Examiner is not intended to build a following, lead a movement, help start a new church, or establish a business enterprise for printing and selling books, Bibles, and class literature. It is simply a medium for teaching; like the radio or T.V.

Writers and Target Audience

Most of the writers for the paper will have a Church of Christ background. Not all of them will be professional preachers or writers; if any of them are! The target audience for this paper is "the people in the pews" -- the non-preachers! It is not intended for the religious professionals, the preachers, scholars, the clergy. While a few of these may write some for the journal, it is not designed for them primarily as so many other papers seem to be.

I will welcome any material, well-written, typed, double-spaced, with proper margins, that has merit, from any Christian who has something to present. The position or view presented does not have to be in agreement with mine or that of anyone else on staff. It must not be a personal attack upon anyone and must address some Bible subject of importance. We really believe in a presentation of opposing views when they actually address issues and differences in a sincere effort to prove such by the Scriptures. I will not promise to print anything someone sends, but I will consider any material from anyone, man or woman, young or old. You may write under your own name or under a pen-name, but if the latter is selected I must know who you are! Pen-names will be used at times in this paper. In fact, I think it might help in objective study to remove the author from the view of the reader and let the presentation stand on its own merits alone. Many times a position is accepted or rejected merely on the basis of our judgment of the author. If he is our man, holds our views, walks and talks our line, we accept without question what he presented. If he is not one of us (partisans, sectarians), then we seem to automatically reject anything he offers. Objectivity, study without prejudice, and just plain honesty are seemingly rare in religious articles.

Now concerning all the above, I will make the final decisions as the editor. A rejection of an article is not to be taken as a personal rejection. I may not believe the material is of sufficient interest or value. It may not be well-written; and this is not to even indicate that everything herein will be well-written. The article may be too long --for the subject. It may lack clarity.

Sure, I may be arbitrary, prejudicial, whatever, in the eyes of some, regardless of how I handle this. But I will do my best to always be honest and fair to the writer and to the readers. So, if you want to write, try your hand. Questions are welcome.

The Examiner will be published six times per year: January, March, May, July, September and November. The size will likely vary from 20-28 pages. It will be sent free to all Christians, even non-Christians, who want it. We hope you will "examine everything carefully" in the light of God's word, and "hold fast to that which is good," (I Thess. 5:21). We believe you will find the material to be of interest and great value. --C.A.H.