What is a Mailing List?


When you join a mailing list, your name is added to the list of members of that list. Each time you post a message to the list, a copy of that post is automatically sent out to every member of the list. This is similar to the "carbon copy" option when you email except that you do not need to specify who gets the post. Therefore, you send your post to a single address and every member gets a copy. For this list the address would be truthquest@theexaminer.org.Only members are allowed to post to this address. All posts from non-members will be rejected.

There are two available delivery modes for receiving messages sent to the list, Standard (immediate) and Digest. The Standard mode of delivery sends your messages as soon as they are posted to the list. The Digest mode holds posted messages so that they can be delivered to you in a group on a regularly scheduled basis. The Digests are currently sent out every day at 2:00 AM eastern time.