Joining TruthQuest


Joining by email:

You can join or leave TruthQuest by sending a request via email to a special address. Your request must be sent to The subject is ignored by the request processor so leave it blank. The body of the message is used to enter your request. Since this request is processed automatically by the computer, it must be typed in exactly as shown below. To join the list in standard (immediate) mode, you should type in the body,

subscribe truthquest your_name

your_name is a placeholder for your actual name. This is not your email address but your actual name. For example, if I were to subscribe I would send a message to the list server and type in the body,

subscribe truthquest Keith Linn

If you wish to be on the list in digest mode, send the following message after you have subscribed,

set mode digest truthquest

To change back to standard mode, send the following message,

set mode standard truthquest

To leave the list you should type in the body,

unsubscribe truthquest

For a definition of the delivery modes, standard and digest, click here.